Residential Electrician in Philadelphia

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, homeowners in Philadelphia want only the best when it comes time to installing, repairing, or replacing the electrical wiring and outlets in their homes. You need to be certain a fully qualified and licensed residential electrician from a reliable company is there to do the job right.

For all of your residential electrical needs, Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. is there to help. We have years of experience providing homeowners in town with high quality electrical work for a range of issues.

Save Money with Alba Electric And Remodel Inc.

When you have a licensed residential electrician work on your home in Philadelphia, you should trust that everything is built to code. A skilled and licensed residential electrician from a local company like Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. knows local, state, and federal regulations for doing your residential electrical work and can ensure the work in your home is done properly. That way, you won’t have to undergo repetitive and potentially costly inspections to ensure you home remains safe, nor do you have to worry that something may be wrong with your system without you knowing it.

Our Electricians are Licensed, Highly Skilled and Effective

When things go wrong with your home, there are a lot of items you can take upon yourself to accomplish, such as replacing a broken window, replacing roofing shingles, and doing other routine maintenance. But when it comes to your home’s electrical wiring, it is very important to ensure only a properly trained and licensed electrician will handle your electrical work.

Attempting home electrical repairs runs the risk of an incomplete job by using the wrong components, and potentially makes your home unsafe. This can be avoided when you using a licensed and professional residential electrician for your Philadelphia home.

Our staff is carefully vetted and selected from a wide pool of applicants. For us, only the best is good enough. Our clients mean the world to us, so we take pride in our careful selection process. Every member of our team is highly experienced and skilled in numerous aspects of residential electrical work, so no matter who answers the call, you are guaranteed top notch service.

Homeowner Electrical Insurance

In many instances, an electrician winds up doing maintenance and repairs that your homeowners insurance will cover. In those cases, your insurer will demand a trained and licensed home electrician. When it comes to getting the job done right and safely, a residential electrician from Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. is what you need.

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Whether your home is in need of electrical work immediately, or you just need the name of a trusted electrician for when an issue comes up down the road, we are here to help. From top to bottom inspections of your electrical system, to the complete overhaul of your wiring, we have experience handling just about every electrical issue you can imagine.

Give us a call today to receive a quote for a diverse range of services. We look forward to working with you!

Access to a Wide Range of Services

At Alba Electric and Remodel inc. we’re committed to giving our diverse Philadelphia clientele prompt and consistent electrical work which not only meets, but exceeds industry standards for safety and efficiency. No matter the scale or difficulty of the job, our personable team of licensed and insured electrical contractors are on the job.

Wiring Updates/Installations

With new technology appearing on the horizon every day, many homeowners are looking to upgrade their home’s system. The best way to do this safely and effectively is by working with a professional team like Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. Get the most out of your TV, phone and gaming with new wiring that will change the way you relax at home.

Lighting Overhauls

You’d be surprised at how many Philadelphia homeowners aren’t satisfied with their lighting and don’t even know it. Sometimes, it takes a lighting overhaul to realize the potential you were missing out on. Change the look and feel of your home, and improve your mood, with new lighting fixtures, dimmer switches and more.

Panel Upgrades

Many older homes require panel upgrades. If you’re having trouble keeping more than one appliance on at the same time and are always having to run to the breaker, it could use an upgrade. As experienced residential electricians, we can accomplish this project quickly, safely and within budget.

Fuse Panels

Does your home still have a fuse panel? If you know what this is, that may be the case. Fuse panels are not as safe as modern breaker panels. By upgrading to a breaker box, you’ll save on insurance and have a safer home.

Surge Protection

Surges don’t happen all the time, and sometimes you may not even know when they strike. But you’re really taking your chances without proper surge protection. Left unchecked, they can ruin your appliances and even cause you physical harm.

Safety Inspections

Electricity is dangerous. In our years of electric repair and installation, we’ve been exposed to a lot of life-threatening situations. Keeping your home up to code is not something you can take lightly!

Give Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. a call and we’ll send a qualified electrical contractor to your home to assess the situation. At this time, they can provide you with a free quote for any necessary services.

When electricity goes wrong, it can be fatal. Especially for owners of older homes in Philadelphia, regular inspections are the best way to ensure that your home is safe for all those under your roof.

24-Hour Electrician

At Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. we pride ourselves in being the residential electricians that will go the extra mile for our clients. Offering 24-hour electrical services is just the start.

We take electric repair and installation seriously. If you suspect that there may be a problem in your home, you can call us any time of the day or night. Our electrical contractors are always on the job.

Standby Generators

One of the most important assets a home in the Philadelphia area can have is a standby generator. While they can often go overlooked by homeowners, you will be happy you made the investment in a standby generator if your neighborhood suffers from a prolonged blackout. Just imagine the next time that Philadelphia is hit with a serious heatwave, there will be rolling brown-outs across the city and many residents will be forced to make do without air condition, except for you. You’ll have a backup energy source to keep you cool even in the extreme heat.

Of course, you should never attempt to install a standby generator by yourself. They are complex pieces of machinery and you need to be sure that they will work in your time of need. The best way to make sure that your standby generator is correctly installed and ready to step in when the local utility companies fail. To do this, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call (267) 991-2254 and speak with Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. about our residential standby generator installation services.

Our residential electricians are among the best in the area when it comes to installing standby generators. The first thing we do is determine the right size of generator your Philadelphia home will need. It depends on whether you are OK with only having enough electricity to power your essential items like your refrigerator. We can just as easily install a heavy-duty residential standby generator that can power everything in your home until the local utility company gets its service back.

Once we have sized, placed and installed a standby generator in your Philadelphia home, our residential electricians will install the transfer switch so that you won’t have to lift a finger when the power goes out. As soon as the generator detects a power outage, it will automatically kick in and supply the electricity you need to function normally.

Solar Panels

More and more Philadelphians have been looking to make the switch to solar energy in recent years and Alba Electric and Remodel Inc.’s residential electricians have made a point of learning the ins and outs of solar panel sizing, placement and installation to maximize our clients’ savings while minimizing their ecological footprint.

The price of electricity has been steadily going up and there is no reason to believe that it will suddenly stop. So, why not make a few modifications to your home that can help you subsidize the money you are spending on electricity while boosting the value of your property at the same time?

When you let Alba Electric and Remodel Inc.’s residential electricians outfit your home with solar panels, you will be working with the area’s top solar panel experts. We pride ourselves on being able to make the transition to renewable energy seamless. So, if you are interested in making the switch, give us a call today at (267) 991-2254 to discuss your solar energy goals.