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Exterior Lighting Installation in Philadelphia

A well-designed lighting plan is essential for any home or business in the Philadelphia area and it’s a shame that all too often the lighting plan is limited to the building’s interior. There is no question that good lighting throughout the interior of your home or business is essential for comfort and functionality within the space. But there are plenty of important purposes good exterior lighting can serve.

For starters, when your home or business has its exterior lighting properly installed, it improves the overall safety of the property. When not properly lit, it can be difficult to see where you are going or that there might be an obstacle in your path, which makes the likelihood of injury high. Plus, additional exterior lighting can be an important deterrent against any assailants that might be lurking around your property.

And even if you aren’t worried about your home or business’s safety or security, giving your home or business’s exterior lighting a makeover can really enhance its curb appeal. Lighting can have a huge influence on your property’s perception, so if it’s adorned with an inviting, decorative lighting scheme, it is bound to boost its value.

Of course, the only way to reap the benefits of having extraordinary exterior lighting is to have it done by qualified electricians who have in-depth knowledge of wiring and which fixtures will work best for your particular environment. And if you are in the Philadelphia area, Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. is the company to install your exterior lighting. With our extensive experience installing exterior lighting for residential and commercial clients all over Philadelphia, we guarantee the Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. team can install lighting to make your property safer, more secure and even more beautiful than ever before.

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Residential Exterior Lighting Installation Services

Are you tired of not being able to use your outdoor space once the sun goes down? Do you want to make sure that there is absolutely no chance of accidents on your new steps, pathways or other hardscape features? Do you want some extra piece of mind that there are no unwanted guests or trespassers on your property after dark? Do you simply want to make your home look amazing at all hours of the night?

No matter what your goals are for your home’s exterior lighting, Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. is at your service for all your residential exterior lighting installation needs.

Commercial Exterior Lighting Installation Services

A commercial property’s exterior lighting needs are much more complex than their residential counterparts. You need to be able to create an inviting ambiance for patrons while making sure there are measures taken to deter any vandals or thieves looking to harm your business. Every business’s exterior lighting needs are different, which is why we ask that you call us so that we can discuss your needs.

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