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Residential Electric Car Charger Installation

If you have recently purchased an electric vehicle, Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. is your source for convenient car charger installation. Our high-quality products are guaranteed to be a valuable investment by helping you keep your vehicle fully charged at a fraction of the price of public charging stations. Learn more and schedule a consultation by calling us at (267) 991-2254.

Finding Your Ideal Home Electric Car Charger

When it comes to EV charger installation for residential properties, you will generally be going with either a Level 1 or Level 2 charging station. The model you choose will typically be based on your charging requirements and budget, but here are some of the details to consider when choosing a home charger:

Level 1

These chargers can plug into a standard 120v outlet and are an affordable alternative for home charging. They provide quick installation and can be portable if necessary, but they will take longer to fully charge your vehicle.

Level 2

These are the most popular option when it comes to home electric vehicle chargers. Although they are more of an investment upfront, these units boast much faster charging times. These can be either plugged in or hardwired into your home to provide the utmost convenience.

The Benefits of Owning an Electric Car Charging Station

There are many great reasons to consider a home charging station for your electric vehicle. Here at Alba Electric And Remodel Inc., we aim to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for utilizing their electric vehicles to their full potential.

Some of the reasons you should get a home EV charger include:

  • Lower charging costs: Residential electrical costs are more affordable than commercial sources, which means you will benefit in the long term from your home charging station. Rather than paying a third-party provider for battery power, your pockets will thank you for purchasing your own charger.
  • Convenient charging: Rather than going through the trouble of taking your vehicle to a public charger, a home charger ensures that you always have access to the power you need. No more searching for vacant public charging stations—just come home after work and plug your vehicle in for the evening.
  • Added security: Instead of leaving your vehicle unattended in public, home EV chargers provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your car is safely on your property. Avoid potential theft or vandalization by keeping your vehicle at home.

Consult with Our Experts on EV Charger Installation

If you are considering an electric charger for home use, we will be happy to discuss all of the relevant details with you. All you need to do is reach out to our team of expert electrical contractors, and we will gladly address all of your questions and concerns.

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Give us a call at (267) 991-2254 to start the process of getting your new electric charging station. We can't wait for you to discover the benefits of charging your electric vehicle from the comfort of your home.

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