Landscape and Security Lighting in Philadelphia

Few things make your Philadelphia home or business more secure at night than landscape lighting. Landscape lighting does far more than simply illuminate dark areas and make it easier to see where you are walking at night—it completely transforms your property for the better.

When the experts at Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. design and install the landscape lighting at your home or business, your property becomes a much more inviting place for your friends, neighbors, and customers, while discouraging criminal activity and improving aesthetic appeal.

We Offer Customized Landscape Lighting so Your Home Can Look Its Best

If you are like most homeowners, you have invested time and money into landscaping to make your home more aesthetically appealing, improve your privacy, and increase your home’s value but you don’t want that aesthetic appeal to be apparent only during daylight hours.

Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. landscape lighting experts in and near Philadelphia can design and install lighting that complements your landscaping work and make your home more visually appealing at night as well as during the daylight hours.

Your lighting will do more than simply illuminate your yard. It will provide shading and shadows that help to complement your home’s exterior and highlights your favorite landscaping elements during nighttime hours. And if you have a flagpole, statues, or other outdoor decorations that you want lit up at night, Philadelphia landscape lighting experts will ensure the work is done well. With our landscape lighting services, no matter what time it is, your property will always look its best.

Protect Your Household with Security Lighting

Without proper lighting, there's no way of knowing what could be lurking in the shadows. With security lighting from Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. however, your home can be protected at all hours. By increasing visibility, we are also increasing the safety of you and your family. Burglars or other individuals who could cause harm will be deterred by a well-lit property, so by installing security lighting you can rest easy, safe and sound in your home.

How to Get the Most out of Your Security Lighting

The way you choose to install your security lighting can greatly impact the security of your home. Colorful bulbs are a big no-no in the industry, for example. So are lights that produce intense glares. We at Alba Electric And Remodel Inc decided to share some tips on how to maximize your home’s security lighting system. Any experienced landscape and security lighting company will have all these tricks in mind already. However, if the company you hire seems oblivious to these techniques it might be a sign you need to give us a call.

  1. Cover Your Bases! If you want to get the most of out your security lighting system, make sure your lighting experts have eliminated any blind spots on your property. A lighting system is only as strong as its weakest bulb.
  2. Wall-to-Wall Coverage: Of course you want to make sure your home’s front door and pathways have adequate lighting, but don’t forget about the rest of your property. Many homeowners in the Philadelphia area only ever think about the front of their house—but pesky critters or intruders are often going to enter your property via the back entrance, especially if your backyard encroaches on a heavily wooded area. Never forget to adequately light your backyard!
  3. Precise Installation: An experienced lighting installation company shouldn’t have to be reminded of this one. Your property’s lights should be high off the ground. Or at least placed in hard-to-reach areas. Why’s that, you ask? It will ensure that the light is cast over more area. A light that is closer to the ground tends to cover a smaller radius than one further from the ground. But you do not want to place your light too high off the ground. If the lights are too high off the ground, its effect might be reduced significantly.
  4. Protect Your Lights! Another reason you want your lights installed in out-of-reach areas is to protect them from damage or tampering. If an intruder is able to reach a light-bulb, they could easily uninstall or break it. If you’re worried that the lighting system’s wiring is vulnerable, you can always install solar-powered security lights. Solar-powered lighting systems have fewer exposed wires.
  5. Practice Regular Maintenance: Your lighting installation team should inform you of all proper maintenance procedures. It is important to keep your lighting system in perfect working-order at all times so as to prevent black-outs that leave your home vulnerable. You’ll want to clean your lights regularly, and also inspect the lights on a monthly basis to ensure every bulb is still functioning at top efficiency.
  6. Choose the Perfect Bulb: When installing your lighting system, you will have the choice between white bulbs or clear bulbs. These two bulbs are the best choices for security lighting, and few other options should ever be considered. Don’t let a lighting company suggest colored bulbs since they are known to be ineffective when it comes to home security.

We Ensure Compliance and Safety

When you live in or near Philadelphia, local ordinances determine how deep your electrical lines lie, acceptable electrical conduits, and a wide range of other regulations that ultimately are designed to the safety of your home. Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. landscape lighting experts know local laws, which permits must be obtained, and how to safely install your lighting to ensure compliance with local ordinances and to ensure safe, reliable use.

Whenever electricity is involved, it’s always best to leave it to the experts, who know which permits are needed and how to do the job safely and in accordance with local laws.

Contact Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. For Maintenance and Repairs

After your landscape lighting is installed, you still need to maintain and occasionally repair it, and those jobs aren’t the kind you want for yourself. It’s always best to have a properly trained and licensed Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. landscape lighting expert to do the work so you know it is done properly. For any landscape or security lighting services, contact us today.