Philips LED Lighting in Philadelphia

Choosing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for your next Philadelphia home or business renovation is a wise move. Not only are LEDs some of the latest developments in lighting technology, but they’re also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Plus, when compared to incandescent lights, they last much longer without needing replacement. It’s a win-win scenario.

When you’re looking at LEDs, of all the lighting manufacturers, there’s one name in particular to trust: Philips. And when you’re looking for official Philips LED lights or servicing existing Philips lighting products, there’s only one business in Philadelphia you should call: Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. We’re one of Philadelphia’s dedicated resellers of Philips lighting products and have years of experience repairing products from one of the world’s best lighting manufacturers.

Dimmable LED Bulbs: The Future of LED Lighting?

We at Alba Electric and Remodel Inc. are keeping our fingers on the pulse of new LED technology. For years, clients facing electrical remodeling or renovation had to choose between the energy efficiency of LED configurations and the classic elegance of dimmable incandescent bulbs. But no longer!

Dimmable LED bulbs are now available, including those from Philips, and are compatible with a wide variety of dimmer switches and other light fixtures. But not every bulb is compatible with every fixture! Be sure to call an expert to ensure that when you’re looking for dimmer switches to give your home or business that little something extra.

The best part? New LED dimmer technologies are available for retrofits, not just new electrical installations. Call us today and see what options we have for your home or business.

LED Kitchen Lighting for Health and Safety

Whether you are a talented home cook or you head a team of dedicated sauce-makers in your own business, switching to LEDs is a smart choice that’s friendly to the environment. And it’s friendly to your power bills, too! LED kitchen lighting doesn’t need to be replaced as often, provides a greater quality spectrum of light to your kitchen, and uses less power. All of this mean that you can afford to turn the heat up a little more next winter knowing your overall power lighting costs will go down.

And when you work in the Philly restaurant industry, that little extra money saved can go a long way to raising your profit margins. We’re always happy to consult on how good lighting can brighten your day—literally!

The Most Trusted Names in Light

When you’re looking for quality lights, you place your trust in one of the world’s best lighting manufacturers. And when you place your trust in Philips, you’ll want to call us. We’re one of the area’s specialists in Philips lighting and we’re excited to show you how choosing the best can pay big dividends to both your quality of life and your power bill. Don’t let the world of LED lighting pass you by and leave you in the dark. Call us today!

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