Smart Thermostats: What Are They (And Are They Worth It?)

The rate of technological change seems to keep increasing. Four decades ago, it took a computer the size of a building to solve some of the most simple calculations. These days, a truly amazing amount of power can be found on a tiny microchip, and many of us carry around extremely sophisticated devices in our back pocket. It’s no stretch to say that most people living in Philadelphia know the benefits that smart technologies can bring them.

But when it comes to knowing about the most advanced options for HVAC systems, many home and business owners don’t know the difference between a thermostat and an economizer! Today, there’s an incredible variety of smart thermostats to choose from.

These powerful little devices combine access to the Internet with many of the traditional features of thermostats and HVAC regulation products. The result? Unprecedented control over the temperature and humidity in every single room of your home or business—down to the single degree!

But why go through the trouble of upgrading to a smart thermostat? We’ll go over some of the benefits you might see if you call Alba Electric And Remodel Inc. to set up a smart thermostat system for you at your Philadelphia property.

Smart Thermostats Energy Savings

By and large, the number one reason to invest in smart thermostat installation is to lower your monthly energy bill. Whether you’re the owner of a detached home or the landlord of a multi-business commercial property, you stand to benefit from lower heating bills month after month.

The reason that smart thermostats work better than their traditional counterparts is that nearly all models track changes in temperature throughout the day in real time and store this data in a database that you can review at any time.

How does this save you money? Well, after a month of reviewing the data of your home heating, if it turns out that it only takes one hour to heat up your whole house up to a comfortable temperature, you can program your smart thermostat to turn on just one hour before anyone returns home from work or school.

Change in plans? No problem—you can override your current settings at the touch of a button using the smart thermostat manufacturer’s app.

This combination of sophisticated data tracking tools and easy-to-use flexibility combines to bring you big savings. Most homeowners easily see $150 of savings on heating bills in their first year—and the potential ceiling for commercial building owners is much higher!

Smart Thermostats Wiring: Trust an Electrician

Most smart thermostats by leading brands are designed to require minimal amounts of new wiring in your home. While they’re not exactly plug-and-play, none of the leading manufacturers will require you to completely rewire your home.

That said, as you would when dealing with ANY major change to your home’s electrical network, trust a qualified and licensed electrician to minimize risk to you—and maximize your odds of success.

Want to know more about some of the best models available for smart thermostats here in Philadelphia? Keep your eyes peeled to this blog—we’ll update it with more news on smart thermostats for Philadelphia home and business owners soon!